Top 10 Printer Manufacturers

The largest printer manufacturers not only offer an extensive range of printers and other office machinery, but also the matching printer cartridges for their models. At, you can find low-cost compatible or recycled printer cartridges for virtually all manufacturers in one place. Here you can read a small introduction to the history of those printer giants.

Hewlett Packard /HP

Founded in 1939 in a garage in what is now called “Silicon Valley”, this US-American company grew to become a worldwide leader in the IT sector. It supplies the world with printers, copiers and fax machines, and also with state of the art communication and computer technology.


The worldwide largest manufacturer of laser printers, inkjet printers, copiers, fax machines and labelling machines began its rise to world fame over 100 years ago in Japan as a repair shop for sewing machines and typewriters – which, by the way, it still manufactures today.


As a successful manufacturer of camera technology, Canon is most active in the sector for photo and colour print technologies. The company, which was founded in Japan in 1933, offers an extensive product spectrum ranging from small mobile colour printers to large format printers for serial production.


This Japanese company founded in 1959 not only offers a great variety of devices for office technology – it also manufactures a wide range of cameras, kitchen machinery, fine ceramics, watches and even solar power systems.


The South Korean manufacturing giant Samsung covers virtually all areas of the communication and consumer electronics markets. Aside from their TVs, smartphones and cameras, Samsung continues to develop highly successful printers, fax machines and multi-function devices.


Shortly after its inception, Epson developed the worldwide smallest printer and continues to be a market leader for mobile printers. On the other end of the spectrum, Epson also manufactures large format printers, projectors and POS systems.


Founded only in 1991, Lexmark took the market by storm and is one of the most successful US-American printer manufacturers in the world – Lexmark’s huge success is based on the development of specialised and future-proof printer technologies, which have made printing with laser printers and inkjet printers a whole lot faster and more economical.


This Japanese company founded in 1881 is today one of the key players in the market for communication and information technology. OKI offers a number of printing solutions for the business segment and as of 2003 has become the only manufacturer granting a 3 year warranty for their devices.


Ricoh office machinery have been popular since the 1950s. To this day this Japanese company offers very versatile solutions for office technology – from printers, copiers, fax machines and multi-function devices to serial production printers.


Xerox is considered the inventor of xerography, a precursor of modern laser printing technology. Xerox developed the first photocopier in 1949, ushering in a new era of office technology, by which the company is still influenced to this day.

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